The In-Between
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Tuesday, May 10, 2016
By Kim Bajorek Photography
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In San Diego this Spring we've been blessed with an unusual amount of rain, gray skies, cool weather, and the beautiful clouds that come in between each storm.   I guess not all would consider this weather a blessing, but to this photographer (and to our thirsty earth, I might add), there could be nothing better.

I don't even mind the rain, but the gray skies make for such gorgeous, even light on all subjects outside and I can't even put into words the beauty that the clouds in the sky and above the horizon add to the afternoons and sunsets.   

This 'in-between' the storms time, when the sun is mostly out as the clouds dance around it, creates a spectacular light show, especially on the beach.   The clouds are puffy white, and the light that hits the water, sand, and rocks is heavenly. 

The colors of the water are bluer, with hints of turquoise, the foam of the water is whiter, and then as another cloud rolls in front of the sun, the color transforms.   

The air is clear, the seagulls and pelicans are plentiful, and those of us who head to the beautiful coastline go from sweaters to summer-wear and back to sweaters every few minutes.

When I can, I head down to the beach on afternoons like this.   I did this two days ago, just for an hour, of course, but before I knew it, three hours had passed.   The beauty is so intense that I lose track of time and forget that for at least two hours I've had to pee.   I forget I'm cold, as the next cloud passes the sun and the light is back once again.   I am in awe and can't get myself to leave until the sun sets.

(In the above image, notice the fish in the seagull's mouth!)


My wish is that this weather continues for a very long time. : )


This post is for our 10 on 10 circle of women photographers.  Please take a look at what they've been up to recently starting with one of my absolute faves, Luciane Steiner here.

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Kathleen - Those heavenly clouds! You know I much I love watching the sky. The water is such a beautiful color, I can imagine how it would be hard to leave. I love the shot of you on the beach, so much loveliness...
Kristina - Love these photos. The colors are so vibrant. And your post made me chuckle....I love how you were so distracted by the beautiful views. I want to walk those beaches with you some day. xo, K
Luca - Kim, you are so funny! I'm feeling you so inspired in this post with your words and images, no wonder you lost track of time! :-)
The "clouds on fire" image is stunning! Only you to rush to the beach after a storm, so glad you do it!
Let's plan a shoot together, I'm curious to know what you have in mind! :-)
Kim - Thank you, Trini! Yes, may this weather continue. About holding your breath -- I guess I do that too. Sometimes after portrait sessions my ears are blocked up from doing just that! :) Lots of love to you!
Trini - Dearest Kim, your pictures are stunning, and I must say I had to laugh when I red your article, I recognized so much from wandering around photographing. Time flies, I forget to drink, eat, or pee, and the heart beats, the breath becomes short - and some times I notice that I hold my breath - hehehe

I pray for you to get the weather you want, so you can keep on making great photos <3

Lot´s of Love from Norway <3