10 on 10: The Strangest Day
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Thursday, November 10, 2016
By Kim Bajorek Photography
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Kim Bajorek - Thank you, Kristina!
Kristina - I'm still finding this outcome so difficult to believe and imagine I will for days and months to come. I was at a photography camp right after the election and while there was so much light and love in the group there was also a heaviness. I agree with you and Bonnie, that we all need to work harder and use our voice to ensure that reason will prevail. Your photos are gorgeous, as always.
Kim Bajorek - Bless you and your beautiful heart, Trini. I am still so sad. I hope you will read Bonnie's comment on my page. It about sums it up for me too. Big love to you!
Kim Bajorek - Bonnie, Your comment made me teary. I've been so emotional and it makes me happy to know that there ARE so many who whose values and hearts resonate with mine. I too am determined to work harder to use my voice where I can and I believe we all need to keep reminding each other of that. I have felt that from many..like a Phoenix rising in all of us and reminding us that we are powerful beyond measure. I appreciate your knowledge of Pence, and must admit that I'm too far in the dark and must educate myself more. I would appreciate any great articles that you've read. I want to intelligently be able to answer when I'm asked by someone who does not believe what I do. Thank you for sharing your voice and your values here, Bonnie. Much love to you. P.S. Glad you like the ocean shot. :)
Bonnie Jakobsen-Martin - I absolutely love the beach photo--so cool.

I, of course, am not happy about election outcome, but am determined to work harder to use my voice where I can, starting in my own community. The protests are not what I want to see either--not this way, if only because the message should be one of peace and it needs to be about expressing that we will not turn our backs on injustices in minority communities. Unfortunately, it seem inevitable that protests include few who will resort to violence and destruction, which is only creating more divides. I also disagree with the idea that all Americans must 'unite' though in the way that some people probably think because that is equally as dangerous. Diversity and freedom of thought and speech and the ability to express dissent are the cornerstones of this country and people must not be silenced. In my opinion, Trump used his negative and divisive rhetoric to manipulate and win, and he will temper himself and there are so many promises he will not be able to keep--this will cause a disillusionment for many (those who were the ones to vote for him only because of the party he represented). There will be negative outcomes and the most damage will be done to the environment and to women's rights and reproductive freedoms. To me, this is because of the anti-intellectual and anti-science attitude of both Trump and Pence (Pence is far my dangerous to women's rights, science education and intellectual growth than Trump is), but our constitution is strong (regardless of a Republican controlled congress) and the amount of non-governmental organizations that fight for the rights of the voiceless are numerous and strong and organized. I, personally, re-directed my charitable contributions after the election to include monthly contributions to the Sierra Club and the ACLU and I am going to look further in to where my money should be directed. In the long run, reason will prevail. (Also just the fact that Clinton won the popular vote is enough for me to know that all is not lost . . . far from it. Take care and much love).
Trini - Dear Kim,
I could not agree more <3 It was a sad day, and the election did not get the output I wished for either, I am with Her. But I also descided to stop watching social media, and the news, for a few days, until it all calms down. I am just praying for love, love all over the nation, love all over the globe, love beats hate - every time. And love is what I am sending, to you and your family, and your sweet dog <3