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Friday, February 10, 2017
By Kim Bajorek Photography
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Here we are already in February, the month of Love.   And who did I choose to photograph for Valentines?   A 3 year-old and 2 dogs.  It doesn't get more challenging than that.   You wouldn't believe the grand ideas I had!  But due to short attention spans, not enough treats, just waking up from a nap and not letting her Mom put her down, it turned into something much different.  

I suppose it's the rare shoot (at least involving children or pets) that turns out as planned, so you go with what you get and make something as beautiful as you can with it.

The first shot is of my dog, Bella.   While her Dad was at work one day, I struggled to get her to sit still while facing the light of the window, and voila!  This is what I got.   I turned it into a Valentine's Day card that was sent out to some of my friend's kids, but mostly, it was for Phil.   I can't wait to hear his reaction to it.  

Then I did a shoot for a friend of her dog and child, mostly as Valentines for her Husband.  The basset hound Valentine was created in jest, because the husband is still warming up to the idea of having a dog.  How could he resist after receiving this?! 


With the unusual amount of rain we've had in SoCal this Winter, I played with raindrops too.


Once a year my friend, Ana, has me take pictures of her on her anniversary of being in this country from Mexico City.  She recently moved to Vegas, so we went to a few different locations, including the snow.  Neither one of us is used to the snow, so we had no idea we would be sinking in to at least 3 foot deep powder. Once again all my plans were foiled, but we found picnic tables that we dug out.  One for me to set myself and camera on, and one for her to stand on.  I haven't gotten to the edits of most of the photos but this is one of the fun ones!  Hard to believe I had to go to Vegas to be in the snow!  It was just up in the mountains about an hour from her house.

We also went to a place called Valley of Fire, also in Nevada and just over an hour drive from Las Vegas.  It was sort of a Sedona meets Zion, or Bryce.   Unforunately, we didn't have time to explore too much because we wanted to create images.  We hiked quite a way with gear and clothing and believe it or not, it was pretty cold!  Here are a few shots from that day.

Please follow around the circle of women in our 10 on 10 group.  You can start by seeing what Birgitte Heiberg has been up to right here.  



Happy Valentine's Day!



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Jen Baxter - Kristina,
It took me a little while to get to this but I'm so glad I did! The Basset Hound is adorable! I am in love with that dog now.
Love your rain drops and the amazing photos of your friend - gorgeous! So excited to see more of your work in the 10-on-10 group. So great!
Luciane - Haha! I know the challenges involved when you want to photograph kids/pets and I think you did so great, looks like everything ended as planned by the gorgeous images! I specially love the Valley of Fire pictures, the colors, the sky, the posing, everything is very attractive. Miss you! Happy Valentines! ❤️️
Erica - Your Valentine's Day photos are so great!! I'm sure it can be challenging and but it all worth it when you snap that perfect shot! Love the pop of color on the rocks too - so beautiful there!
Kristina - Love the Valentine's photos you captured of Bella and that sweet little 3 year old. So cute. And your raindrop photos are amazing, they look like paintings. The photos of Ana are gorgeous. The snow shot is so cute and the photo on the rocks are amazing. Her turquoise skirt against the red rock is fantastic.
Trini - I love the Valentine's idea <3 Let the love shine <3 You're always learning new things and trying to get better, which is awesome.
I really love the blue and green raindrop picture and the one from the desert where your friend stands in the middle of the landscape. Seems like you have a lot of fun and creativity going on :-)
Lot's of LOVE to you on Valentine's

xoxoxo and love from Trini in Norway