10 on 10: Autumn in New York
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Monday, October 10, 2016
By Kim Bajorek Photography
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I was invited by my friend and fellow shutter sister, Bonnie, to join her at her home in the Adirondacks for the changing of the leaves.   This was my second time being there and just as my first time, I loved it.    

We got a lot of rain, but it made for gorgeous skies when the rain stopped and left scattered clouds and light in the sky.  It also made for gorgeous water droplets!   

And because of the clouds throughout most of our six days there, we were able to shoot almost all day every day--so it was a photographer's dream -- albeit, exhausting!!

It was a dream for me -- being there in all of the fabulous color, reflections on the water, and the cozy house with fresh-brewed coffee in the morning, our home-cooked meals, great music, and wonderful bonding time.

I hope I can go back again next year!  

Please see Bonnie's images, also from this trip, right here!   She is an amazing photographer!

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Kim Bajorek - Thank you, lovely. I hope we can all go next year!
Kim Bajorek - Thank you, Kristina! It would be so great if more of us could go next year!

Kristina - Oh Kim, these photos are gorgeous. I'm so glad you were able to join Bonnie and I so wished I could have come. Maybe next year?? I love all the colors and the reflections...such beautiful photos. You truly get a sense of how spectacular fall is there.
Trini - Dear Kim, these pictures are absolutely stunning - and I love the scenery. I really wanted to cross the Atlantic to join you, but it was not in the Universe right this time. Thank you for sharing this beautiful part of our world. Love from Norway - xoxoxo
Kim Bajorek - Thanks, Bonnie! Next time I won't be so tired. I promise! I will be wanting to hike 5 miles into the woods. And I'll have a lighter tripod!

Bonnie Jakobsen-Martin - Yay! I love seeing those photos in bigger sizes on your blog! That makes them even more spectacular. I know it was an exhausting trip . . . maybe next time, we can relax a bit more, but I am always so tempted to be out and about whenever I am there.