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Kim Bajorek has an air of ease and grace about her that immediately brings space for relaxation. She takes the time to know her subjects; learning about them, their interests, their passions and their interior worlds. Her pacing and step by step interface allows the day of the actual shoot to be fully outlined and for fully embodied presence. Kim's uncanny ability to look into the heart of a person and capture that on film is a gift that no one should go without. I had my first formal photo shoot in 30 years and am still glowing...I'll be celebrating myself with Kim for years to come. ~Tara Graviss

"I have done so many photo shoots with Kim, and I honestly can't say enough wonderful things about her. Not only as a photographer, but as a person. She is so talented, and fun to work with. If you're thinking getting your photo taken is something you need to do, but the thought fills you with dread, Kim is your girl. She has a unique ability to make you forget you're in front of a camera! As I said, she is fun to work with, and you won't feel awkward with her, I promise. As for her photos, all I can say is... Wow! There is not one photo by her that I don't absolutely love! One of her shots is actually on my phone cover. So if you want a talented, down-to-earth, brilliant, fun, beautiful inside and out photographer, do yourself a favor, and go with Kim Bajorek."

"I have had multiple photoshoots with Kim, and each one has been amazing! She is gifted at showcasing the beauty of people, and also helping you to feel comfortable in front of the camera! She goes above and beyond to make sure she gets the shots you really want, and operates with high integrity. I recommend her to anyone needing high quality photos- whether they are for business or personal use!"

I want to start off by saying that I have had the pleasure of working with Kim on different shoots. I have loved her work since the beginning and that is why I have continued to come back with Kim at least once per year. Stylish, subtle and stunning are the words that I feel best describe Kim’s style. What I think sets her apart from other photographers is that the pictures I have gotten have been more candid shots. She always captures well who I am in her photography. She always makes a photo session such a fun and relaxed experience. She is very professional, calm and fun to work with. She offers a friendly, personal, bespoke and high quality service. Kim is a very experienced photographer and has a great passion for her work. I would highly, highly recommend Kim’s photography service, she really is brilliant at her art. She is awesome. I am so appreciative and grateful to Kim. ~Anis Galvan

"Kim is my go-to-photographer…. Wouldn’'t use anyone else. …I’ve hired her for four photo-sessions in total spanning over the past 5 years.…All outdoor settings…. Parks, desert, and beach. The first three sessions were to get some personal shots; the goal of the final session was to get some professional photos for business use. Kim is a master at capturing you at your absolute best. She is an amazing editor. Her friendly and fun personality makes you feel at ease, which is so important in creating natural and beautiful photos. I’m thrilled with the final photos that I received from all four sessions." ~Jorunn Sjothun

I feel privileged when I work with Kim. I am a clothing designer from Vancouver, B.C. who started out modeling my own line for my website and catalogue. As a novice in front of the camera, before meeting or working with Kim, I felt uncertain of what to do or how to move. Our first shoot together was great fun. Kim has the ability to make me feel very comfortable and at ease. She is encouraging, accepting, open to giving and receiving suggestions and has a great sense of humor. I appreciate and value her ability to work with me as a team to achieve my desired outcome. She is clear and focused and passionate about her work and it is apparent in the photographs she takes for me...every time. Thank you Kim - you're the best! ~Lara Catherine, Moksha Clothing Co. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Update: I have had 3 photo shoots with Kim now. I am so grateful I met her. She is very professional and very fun to work with, she managed to bring out the best in me and made me feel very comfortable. My experiences with Kim have been very relaxing and enjoyable. Her gift of capturing the best possible moment continues to astound me, she is truly talented and very passionate about her work. I highly recommend Kim. ~Lara Catherine

"Kim has incredible patience. My children were not exactly operating at their best and Kim could not have been any more graceful toward my family all while still being able to capture us perfectly. Her creativity is limitless and we all had a great time. She is pure brilliance!" Respond

When I saw the pictures you took of Ian, I couldn't believe how you captured his personality and beauty in one click. The photos you took are the ONLY ones I've had taken (professionally or personally) that actually embraced the moment and made it live on forever. Every time we (my husband and I) look at any of them, we are in awe and amazed that someone had the talent to bring photos to life. You have that ability! You are able to capture a personality and a moment all in one. I have paid photographers before, but none have satisfied me like the session I had with you. This is your talent and we thank you so much. We'll be calling you the next time we want family photos, in a heartbeat! ~Melissa Blakey

"Your photos are truly works of art - they all are very special. Thank you for putting so much love into what you do." ~Dr. Kris Van Lom

"I just finished looking through the pictures....hold on...gotta get another tissue. Wow! I've got tears running down my face. Who are those beautiful people? I truly did not know you had such remarkable talent. Kim, they are absolutely stunning. I love them all. Thank you, Kim. You really are an amazing photographer...I mean magician...I mean person!" ~Dayle Van Lom